ABOUT agentura

Behind Agentura is a happy group that is passionate about sales and products that suit the whole home. We are inspired by beautiful and useful things. We are a small company in a big suit and by that we mean that we have a broad and strong product portfolio and thus become a strong player in the market. Our vision is to be able to offer a broad portfolio of brands.

The goal is for the portfolio to consist of a lovely mix of well-known, new, trendy but still classic brands. To simplify, we have chosen to divide ourselves into two different parts. The "kitchen" brands stand for some, there you will find our more kitchen-oriented brands as well as a separate sales team. The other part that we have chosen to call "living" consists of another sales team and these products go under the categories of home furnishings, decoration and furniture. If you want to know more, get in touch with one of us.