Tadé Pays du Levant

Tadé Pays du Levant
A whole brand of natural and organic skin care products that have special properties. The brand also has a range of beautiful and durable accessories for the bath and home.
The idea behind Tadé Pays du Levant was born when founder Thaddée de Slizewicz discovered the Middle East. During his fantastic journey through the region, which has long been an important crossroads for many different cultures, a deep interest was awakened in beauty and beauty products with special properties made from natural and active substances.

Strengthened by his network and his experience, he starts his company in France in 1995 and calls it Tadé Pays du Levant. The idea is simple - to offer a range of cosmetics that is as pure and natural as possible. Preserve the craft in it and help develop employment and trade in the area.

To achieve just this, Tadé has built up an organization that has offices in both France and Syria. Despite the difficult situation the country is in, the company has struggled to support, restart and secure production there. It is not only about the traditional Aleppo soaps, but also about traditional crafts such as the production of mouth-blown glass.

Charity programs run by the organization "Les Baroudeurs de l'Espoir" raise money to provide humanitarian aid to civilians, support the work of rebuilding the country and help children return to school.

We at Sufraco are therefore extremely proud to be able to offer Tadé on the Scandinavian market.