Sufraco's vision is to add a golden edge to our customers' daily lives. Since the start in 1998, Sufraco has protected people and the environment. They have also chosen to distribute beauty and lifestyle products that our customers can enjoy and use with a clear conscience. Sufraco is careful to offer products for beauty care with the best properties and made from natural ingredients. The liquid Marseille soap with its modern, elegant and simple design is in our DNA and it is safe to say that Sufraco started the trend of liquid and beautifully packaged hand soaps in our kitchens and bathrooms.

Over the years, Sufraco has naturally come to broaden their range. Now it also includes natural products for cleaning, beautiful and practical cleaning tools, textiles that light up the home and other accessories for body and home that make life easier and more beautiful. There are many everyday tasks that have to do with hygiene, beauty and cleaning. Sufraco thinks it's more fun and feels more meaningful if you can do all these chores with beautiful, efficient, practical and good products and accessories. And also with a clear conscience. Sufraco's founders are French and come from Marseille. With a heart that beats for its homeland, it is therefore only natural that most of our selected brands are French. Sometimes they bring in contenders that have caught their interest and that they particularly like and that they think you will also value.

When Sufraco chooses a new brand for their range, they always place great emphasis on the company taking responsibility for the people they work with, that the production takes place with consideration for the environment and the choice of the raw materials used. Sufraco especially values ​​that they have a story to tell and that they have an honest value base that matches our own. At Sufraco, you don't want any mediocre solutions. You want everyday luxury with a great feeling. That is what Sufraco stands for.

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