Make International

MAKE international has a passion for collaborating with new designers that allows consumers to take part in a variety of the best in the world of design… Make wants to create products that are practical, stylish, high quality but most of all, you strive to make a product that makes life a little better - a little more fun by adding top-notch products to everyday life.

MAKE was started twelve years ago, in 2005, by Dominic Speelman and after a few years he joined forces with the well-known ceramicist Keith Brymer Jones in 2008. Together they have produced the internationally renowned series named Keith Brymer Jones Range. In order to gain the breadth of the product portfolio, over the years we have also started collaborations with other designers such as Jane Foster, Becky Baur and more.

Keith Brymer Jones is still very close to his craft and all models / designs that come from MAKE were initially made in his pottery workshop - an old bakery in Whitstable. To see more of Keith Brymer Jones, please search YouTube to see his amazing promotional music videos for his passion - pottery, mugs, etc.

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